Missing journalist found dead, decapitated and dismembered in Danish waters

THE headless torso of a Swedish journalist has been found by a member of the public, floating in Danish waters.

Kim Wall, 30, mysteriously vanished after boarding a homemade submarine for an article on August 10.

The owner of the sub, Peter Madsen, had initially told police he’d dropped Ms Wall off safely near Copenhagen.


The 46-year-old inventor then changed his statement, telling officers that Ms Wall had been killed in an accident on board his 40-tonne, 17-metre long sub and that he’d buried her body at sea.

Madsen was rescued later that night after his UC3 Nautilus submarine sank. According to local media, early investigations have suggested Madsen may have deliberately caused the vessel to sink.

As a result of his sketchy account of events and with Ms Wall’s body yet to be found, the 46-year-old was charged with negligent manslaughter. He continues to profess his innocence, denying any wrongdoing.

Danish police took to Twitter on Wednesday, confirming DNA taken from a headless torso, found by a cyclist floating in waters off Denmark earlier this week, does, in fact, match that of Ms Wall.

The journalist’s body had been dismembered, with its arms, head, and legs appearing to have been sawn off.

Investigators are expected to release more detail in a press conference.

No further information was available at the time of writing.