Mmm chicken crimpy… Arnott’s teases Shapes-scented perfumes

Ever dreamed of smelling like a human Chicken Crimpy? Well my friends, it looks like that could become a delicious reality.

Arnott’s has taken to social media to tease its latest product… perfume inspired by everyone’s favourite Shapes biccies!

The company shared photos of the three mouth-watering fragrances to their official Instagram page, with the following caption:


“Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a box of Shapes I’d pick you.

“Treat your loved one to the true aroma of love with #ShapesPerfume.

“Carefully bottled to capture the essence each crunch brings to you, we guarantee there is no substitute for the love you’ll both share with #ShapesPerfume”


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According to the post, there will be three different scents available including Bacon and Cheese, Chicken Crimpy and Pizza *Drool*

While i’m sure we would all most definitely go out and nab a bottle of this delicacy, upon closer inspection it appears it may just be one big joke.

An Arnott’s spokesperson told taste, the perfume isn’t actually real at the moment, but said “Aussies might have to keep their eyes peeled in the fragrance aisles”.

“Arnott’s Shapes has always been known for its “Flavour You Can See”,” the spokesperson said.

“We wanted to have a bit of fun and tease the concept of “Flavour You Can Smell” – similar to when you open a box of Shapes – to see what reaction Aussies would have to wearing the scents of our most delicious Shapes flavours.”

So, now that we’ve got a taste for it, who wants to start the petition to make it actually happen?!