Model speaks out after her drink was allegedly spiked at a Bieber party

JUST a day after her claims surfaced, a young model has spoken in a television interview about the night her drink was allegedly spiked at a Justin Bieber party.

Bailey Scarlett, 18, claims something was slipped in her drink at a Melbourne party hosted for the Canadian singer and her claims have made headlines around the world.

Many have questioned whether her claims are true, with the party’s organiser accusing her of seeking publicity.


Alex McDonell, from Showcase PR, says party organisers helped Scarlett with transport after the incident at Ginger Recording Studio in Melbourne on Sunday night.

While Scarlett claims something was put in her drink, McDonnell says she may have drunk too much and had a panic attack, which Scarlett denies.

McDonell praised the actions of Bieber who, he says, showed concern for Scarlett’s welfare.

“No one cares. I just felt like I needed to get my story out there,” Miss Scarlett told A Current Affair.

The Melbourne-based model was one of just a few that were invited into Bieber’s secret recording but it appears there were strict rules for those attending.

“We got inside and they took our phones off us,” she said.

“We just got taken into the recording and said ‘pour yourself a drink, here’s Justin'”.

She says she felt fine until she had her third drink, which she believes was spiked.

“I don’t wanna blame anyone, I don’t wanna say it’s Justin Bieber and that’s not what I think at all – I think if anyone it was the people around him,” she said.

There’s no suggestion that Bieber was involved in the alleged drink spiking.

In fact, he was concerned and came over to Miss Scarlett.

“He kept talking to me going, ‘open your eyes, open your eyes,’ and I just remember hearing like that voice,” she said.

According to Miss Scarlett, she was then ushered into a bathroom and members of his entourage accused her of having a panic attack.

“He (Bieber) said, ‘oh nah, she’s faking it’,” she said.

“And then he accused me, and jokingly said to everyone, ‘oh look, she’s got Bieber fever’.”

She claims she and her boyfriend asked paramedics to drug test her – but they claim the ambulance officers refused.

“Without those toxicology reports, we are really just talking about one person’s version of what has happened,” she said.

Some at the party have gone public saying Miss Scarlett was just drunk.

A claim she refutes.

“I am 99.99 percent sure that there was honestly something in my drink,” she said.