Modern parents are too ‘entitled’

Do today’s parents expect too much of a government handout?

You bet they do, says this columnist, who has come out all guns a-blazing in an article suggesting that parents need to harden up and stop expecting anyone to help them raise their kids.

“Who said parenting was easy? No one. Who forced you to have a child? No one,” she rants.


“Here’s a blast of honesty: having a child is a choice. If you don’t want to be constantly tired, have your finances drained, and only be able to work fewer hours — don’t have children.”

It’s a pretty fierce opinion.

And do you know what? I agree with her ­– to a point.

If you’re going to do the crime, you have to do the time. In this case the crime is procreating and the time is a lifetime spent raising them.

But here’s the thing: I’m a parent of three small kids.

I don’t expect a cent from the government to help me raise them. Even childcare benefits are a bonus for me, rather than something I count on to make ends meet. However, I think there is a bigger picture at play here.

I pay for a lot of things in my taxes that I don’t directly benefit from or agree with – things like funding extortionately high lifetime pensions for politicians, or refugee camps to ‘process’ asylum seekers, or healthcare for chain smokers.

As a country, we’re meant to look out for and help those less fortunate and so while I don’t rely on government coffers to help me raise my kids, I know plenty who rely on childcare benefits and other federal payments to make ends meet.

I’m happy to subsidise them in the hope that the kids they raise turn out to be great humans who add value to society.

For those who are childless, I’d remind them that while their tax dollars do go towards schooling, childcare and all sorts of other areas that support families and kids, what is the alternative? If we don’t support education, who will be our nurses, doctors, scientists, engineers of the future?

We need a next generation to look after the current generations. So perhaps instead of taking the viewpoint of, “Not my problem, so why should I pay for it?” consider the fact that the dollars you invest in supporting children through your taxes now, will come back to you as you age.

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