Mongol Tells Girlfriend – Don’t Talk

A Gold Coast Mongols bikie has shouted to his girlfriend “Don’t talk to anyone”, as he was being led out of his extradition hearing in the U.S.

Wade Yates-Taui is wanted in relation to the murder of Max Waller on the Gold Coast on June 23 last year. He was arrested on the weekend by US Marshalls in California, after fleeing Australia last year.

Yates-Taui faces an unlawful killing charge in Queensland.


He did not apply for bail and is being held in an L.A. detention centre.

As he was being led out of court his model girlfriend, Raquel Petit, shouted “I love you”.

The cage fighter replied, “I love you too. Don’t talk to anyone”.

C ourt papers filed in the U.S. court allege Yates-Taui was served with papers to appear in front of the Crime and Misconduct Commission in December of last year, in relation to the fatal stabbing of Waller.

Yates-Taui did not show up and immigration records reveal he left Australia for Indonesia on December 10, before going to Singapore and then going to Los Angeles in March 2014.

US Marshalls, having received information from Australian authorities, monitored Yates-Taui and Petit as they travelled around California.

The surveillance included tracking the couples Facebook online postings.