Mongols bikie arrested for counterfeit currency and drugs offences

A PATCHED member of the Mongols CMG has been arrested after police discovered counterfeit currency and unlawful possession of steroids during a raid of a Parkwood home yesterday.

Police  allege the Mongols CMG member passed a $50 counterfeit note through a Parkwood business to purchase goods.

As a result of the raid police allegedly seized evidence related to the counterfeit offence and two vials of steroids.


A 38-year-old Parkwood man was arrested and conveyed to the Southport Watchhouse where he was formally charged.

Foolowing the arrest, Detective Acting Inspector David Cove said, “Task Force Maxima will continue to investigate and disrupt CMG offending of all crime types, not just drugs and firearms but criminal offences of any description or sophistication.”