Monster spider and babies found on Qld electricity meter

A MONSTER spider and hundreds of its babies have given one Queensland home owner the fright of their life.

The image, which featured a giant cream and black spider covering the meter and hundreds of its babies was uploaded to Reddit, with members of the online forum reacting with horror.

The image was posted with the caption : ‘Energy Australia was unable to read your meter…’


A seasoned spider handler told the Daily Mail that a flea collar would help solve something like this from happening again.

‘I had that problem on a regular basis. The fix is pretty easy. Buy a cat or dog flea collar and cut it half and hang it in your meter box.’

‘Spiders and other insects hate the smell or the chemicals in the pet flea collars. I also have them in my gate box and phone that got ants and other infestations. I have been infestation free for a long time now.’

The image has gone viral online, with many vowing to never visit Australia after the horrifying photo was posted online.