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More border pain on the way as QLD prepares to reopen

Police are warning of even bigger delays at border checkpoints when Queensland starts welcoming back interstate travellers this week.

The borders will reopen to everyone except Victorians at midday on Friday.

Changes to the border entry scheme came into effect with next to no notice last Friday which led to traffic chaos and massive delays.


The old border entry permit was all of sudden invalid, with everyone entering Queensland forced to download a new border declaration pass.

It comes as tough new measures were introduced to block people coming here from Victoria.

Anyone coming into the state from Victoria, including Queensland residents, will be forced into mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.

“We saw on Friday that we moved to a new border declaration pass system. It’s fair to say that initially that was difficult and we expected that,” Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said.

“Every time we have brought in the new controls, particularly at our road borders and airports, that has been problematic.

“I’m happy to say that as time has gone past, we have seen, as of today there are over 180,000 of those passes that have been download and things have started to ease up.”

Police have so far refused entry to 709 people from 240 vehicles at road borders since Friday and forced 12 people into hotel quarantine.

Officers have also processed 9200 passengers flying into Queensland airports from 115 flights, including 17 from Victoria.

Of those, 33 were refused entry and 63 were sent into quarantine.

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski admits Friday will be a big test.

“We do fully expect that Friday, with the move to more people being able to come into the state, the increased traffic flows and passenger flows through our airports will put more pressure on our system.

“It is really important for people to prepare for that, so please get ahead of the game here, download the border declaration pass, make sure you’ve got the appropriate information in it and that will make things a lot easier.

“Plan head, allow extra time, have your border declaration pass ready and be patient is the really clear message for everybody.”

Police are also reminding people that they will need a new pass every single week.

“It is only valid for seven days, so it is very important that people understand that it’s not a ‘get once and forget about it’, that every seven days they must renew their border declaration pass to be able to come through.”

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With NSW border to VIC closed, there is no reason for QLD to keep theirs closed, open it right up now!

Exactly. I am ready to explode. I work in Tweed and I can’t keep myself sane anymore

What a joke with these passes

How long will these passes be required?

2.14am Wednesday 8th July 2020. Have to leave home in NSW to get to Qld border by Friday & still no new Border Declaration Pass on web site to download. Do people starting their travels have to take a laptop & a printer to run off an inverter with them to print Declaration off when it finally goes online? No info on whether you will be able to download it to a mobile, fill it out & just show it at border or whether they will be handing out paper copies especially for people without mobiles or other devices. Hoping I don’t get to border & then they close it. Why are they stalling by not putting the Declaration about not having been in Victoria up on web site? Communication keeps people happy. At least they should tell us when the Declaration will be available to download instead of everyone wasting so much time looking for it daily.

was too easy getting one printed my new G pass out friday 3rd

It has gone beyond incompetence and now reached the level of stupidity. Information everywhere about the need to download the declaration form But there is no form available on the web sites to download. Does anyone have any idea. It’s now Wednesday 8th 11am

First google search Friday the 3rd in the afternoon took me right to the form to fill in, main issue is that there was a 30min period where old passes were expired, but there was not even an announcement that they had or that there was a new one available, leaving people with no idea and causing major traffic delays at all checkpoints.

Dont be hard on your incompetence to get required information. It only took me a few clicks and done Saturday 4th.