More buying limits introduced NATIONWIDE for supermarket shoppers

Coles has introduced more buying limits as supermarkets continue to suffer through bare shelves.

Shoppers will now only be allowed to purchase one packet of toilet paper, as well as two packets of medicine.

Those limits have been put in place for the entire country due to ‘high demand’.


“Due to high demand, we have introduced temporary pack limits per transaction/per customer on a range of products in store and online,” Coles said in its latest update.

It follows purchase limits put in place on various meat products last week.

Those limits are understood to be in place due to the supply chain issues affecting most of the country.

Customers can only purchase two packs of chicken breasts OR thighs, or six fillets from the deli, as well as just two packs of mince and two packets of sausages.

That applies in all states and territories except Western Australia.

Woolworths is still yet to impose any buying limits, reporting that their shoppers have so far continued purchasing reasonably.