More CCTV installed across the Gold Coast

16 new CCTV cameras are being installed across the Gold Coast, in an effort to boost security.

Chevron Island, Nobby Beach and Southport will benefit from the new cameras, which are integrated into the city-wide Safety Camera Network, which seeks to boost visual coverage in entertainment areas on the coast.

The project cost $214,659, and was a joint initiative of the City of Gold Coast and the Queensland Government.


During the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the State Government gifted the Gold Coast around 240 cameras.

160 have already been rolled out through the city’s hot spots, with another 16 now announced today.

Mayor Tom Tate says there are now more than 500 security cameras across the Gold Coast, with mobile cameras playing a key role.

“They get relocated and they’re camouflaged so for the illegal dumpings and the like we’ve had record prosecution.

“So we work very closely with the police, on the strategic location of that.

“And with the mobiles, if we’re capturing a lot in that area, we then put in a permanent CCTV camera.

“My thoughts as always, more CCTV camera eyes, it’s like having more police on the ground.

“We’ll keep investing as far as the Council is concerned,” Mayor Tate said.

Acting Superintendent Mark White says the cameras play an important role in tackling crime.

“It’s critical for us to be able to respond early, and prevent something from happening.

“The footage we get from the camera, has led to quite a few prosecutions and allowed us to gather evidence even in major investigations like homicides,” Acting Superintendent Mark White said.