More cops on Gold Coast roads from tomorrow for xmas road safety

The cops will be out in force on Gold Coast roads from tomorrow as they launch their 2016 Christmas road safety campaign.

The strong focus on road safety comes after 33 people were killed and more than 2000 injured across the state during last year’s holiday period.

Queensland Police’s Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said cops will be particularly targeting drivers who are speeding, or under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.


“If you’re going to drive, don’t go near alcohol. If you’re going to have alcohol, don’t go near the car.”

-Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski

“On average 1-in-5 road fatalities in Queensland in 2015 involved a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 1-in-4 involved a speeding driver,” he said.

“Many of those devastating deaths could have been prevented if the drivers of the motor vehicles had simply obeyed the law.”

The Deputy Commissioner was quite blunt with his message.

“If you’re going to drive, don’t go near alcohol. If you’re going to have alcohol, don’t go near the car,” he said.

“It’s really simple. I go to functions like everyone else. If I’m driving, I don’t drink.”

The Fatal Five

Queensland’s Police Minister Mark Ryan pleaded with drivers to avoid the ‘fatal five’: Speeding, distraction and innatention, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving while fatigued

“As we head towards Christmas, our Christmas wish is that you keep safe on our roads, that you honor the commitment to avoiding the fatal five, and that you get home safe,” he said.

“As of today’s date there’s been 227 road traffic fatalities on Queensland roads. And quite frankly that’s 227 too many.”

Queensland Police will repeat the strategy they used over this year’s Easter period – with a substantially increased presence across all roads and highways – and are aiming to conduct more than 3.5 million roadside breath tests.

They also plan to be “flooding the road network with speed detection” crews on three days over the holiday period – the first being on Friday 23 December.


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