More countries suspend AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clot concerns

More European countries have now suspended the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine, over concerns relating to blood clots.

Last week, a group of countries including Norway, Iceland and Denmark paused their vaccination program, as they investigated a possible link between the jab and blood clot issues.

It’s understood there have been reports of some people developing a special type of rare blood clot in the brain after receiving the shot, according to some scientists.


The World Health Organisation and the manufacturer of the AstraZeneca jab insist the vaccine is safe.

Other governments around the world, including Australia, stand by that advice and continue to administer the doses.

Germany, France and Italy have paused their rollouts as they carry out more investigations.

Germany’s Health Minister described the decision as ‘purely precautionary’ at this stage.

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Don’t Get this vaccine or any vaccine they have not proven any of them safe

Yeh but Scotty from marketing says its ok

They killed 801 in vic hotel quarantine blunder without any penalties.
So killing a few more with the vaccine won’t worry too many political leaders as they don’t face the same laws for deadly mistakes as the rest of us. Politicians are a protected species.