More COVID-19 restrictions eased across Queensland

The State Government has announced a further easing of some restrictions as Queensland notches up its 58th day with no local cases of COVID-19.

The cap on weddings and funerals is being lifted, with venues able to host up to 200 people or one person per two square metres, whichever is greater.

“I know that’s going to mean a lot, especially to our regional communities where there might be someone special from their community who has passed,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Friday.


“Also too we know that there are many people who have large weddings as well, and this is wonderful news for them.

“So basically, they’re almost back to normal, which is wonderful news.”

Meantime health officials have now tracked down eight returned travellers who had been staying in the same quarantine hotel as a suspected ‘super spreader’.

Six of those are still in Queensland after completing their quarantine but have now been forced to get tested and isolate.

One other had travelled on to Victoria while the remaining person had already been moved to another part of the hotel.

Five people in the Mercure Hotel in Brisbane have now tested positive to the Russian strain of the virus, with officials still waiting on advice from New Zealand about a sixth person.

The Premier has also announced plans to prioritise the vaccination of residents in the Torres Strait amid concerns about an increase in positive COVID cases arriving from Papua New Guinea.

“We want to make sure that our people living in the Torres Strait get the vaccine as quickly as possible.

“So we are now working with the Commonwealth, working through the Department of Health and the elders and the councils up there to ensure that we can administer the vaccine quickly because of the risk of people coming from Papua New Guinea.”

The state government has also confirmed plans for additional vaccine hubs to be set up in Logan and Bundaberg.

Those two centres will administer the Astra Zeneca jab with Queensland to receive its first supplies either today or tomorrow.

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Dr Jeannette Young is a pysco witch. Queensland CAN’T GO BACK TO LOCKDOWN BECAUSE OF THE RUSSIAN STRAIN OF COVID-20! Annastassia Palaszczuck should lose her job if restriction are reimposed because it will make more conflict with NSW if borders close again!