More Gold Coast schools seek independence

IT is being reported that some Private Schools are struggling to lure in students, so are lowering their fees.

The Courier Mail reported that a few have slashed charges by up to 50 per cent in a bid to attract fresh enrolments.

Meantime nine Gold Coast schools will have more say on how they manage resources, recruit staff and tailor their curriculum to meet the needs of students when the next academic year begins.


Member for Burleigh Michael Hart MP said the schools, including Caningeraba State School and Miami State High, were among 50 across Queensland due to become Independent Public Schools next year following an announcement today by Premier Campbell Newman.

“Two and a half years ago, schools were weighed down with red-tape and principals were dictated to by a bureaucracy in Brisbane,” Mr Hart said.

“Since then there has been a revolution in our schools as we gave more powers to teaching staff to do their jobs and raise standards.

“With greater input from parents, teachers and the community, these new Independent Public Schools will have even more freedom to decide their own futures and make decisions that will directly benefit students.”

Eighty Queensland schools have already been granted independent status, including 12 on the Gold Coast.

The Newman LNP Government went to the election promising 120 Independent Public Schools by 2016.

“We’ve now decided to extend our target to 250 Independent Public Schools by 2017, so even more Gold Coast schools will have the chance of more autonomy under this government,” Mr Hart said.

“Even though much has changed for the better in our schools in the past two and a half years, there’s still much more to be done.

“Only our strong plan for schools will give Gold Coast students the education they deserve.”

Mr Hart said Independent Public Schools also received more funding, including support from the Federal Government.

“Each school will all receive an additional $50,000 to assist with the change and an additional $50,000 in funding each year for administrative purposes,” Mr Hart said.

“This is part of a $22.8 million Queensland Government investment, combined with a further $12.88 million from the Abbott Government’s Independent Public Schools initiative.”

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