More Gold Coast teens getting dodgy backyard tattoos

GOLD Coast teenagers are seeking help from professional tattoo artists to fix up botched or infected tattoos from backyard jobs.

The ABC reports there has been a rise in the number of backyard jobs over the past five years, with teens importing inks and knockoff equipment from overseas.

The Australian Tattooists Guild spokesman Josh Roelink said teenagers were tattooing each other at home with ease thanks to online shopping outlets.


“We’re concerned about it because anything that could potentially lead people to scarring is not a good thing and it’s not good for our industry.

“It’s a health risk in terms of it could possibly lead to long-lasting damage of the skin and dermatitis – that’s a potential [result] from the use of a toxic pigment that comes from an illegitimate source.”

Gold Coast tattoo artist Tony Champ told the ABC he had seen several people in his studio who had botched or infected tattoos from backyard jobs.

“This equipment has created an undercurrent of this trend coming through where everyone thinks they can tattoo.”

Queensland Health has issued a warning for tattooists not to use nine types of imported inks, most of them from the US and China, that contain hazardous chemicals.