More Gold Coast trees poisoned, forcing council to look at other options

Council’s now looking into alternative shade solutions for the Miami community, as trees continue to be poisoned along the beach.

11 more trees have been poisoned recently, in what has become the third attack this year.

Earlier this year, around 40 of 100 newly planted trees were either uprooted, poisoned or broken off.


Division 12 Councillor Pauline Young says other options now need to be considered, at a cost to ratepayers.

“It’s unclear who did this or when it occurred as it takes a few days for the poison to begin to act and destroy the trees,’’ she said.

“What we know is that ratepayer funds are being spent to provide more shade for all the community along the esplanade.

“The trees we planted were not large and would have been trimmed into an umbrella-shape to provide shade for the families and all beachgoers.

“Our planting took into account everyone’s amenity. The trees were deliberately spaced apart and planted in rows to not restrict views.

“The cost of this vandalism is carried by the entire community (through their rates) and I know that many people want more shade right across our city, especially on the popular public esplanades.

“I will now work out what other shade measures can be placed along here, whether it is overlapping shade sails or shade structures.

“Through a local community survey, I’ll ask the community what they prefer. Ideally, trees are the best solution as they offer shade and fit in with our natural environment but we can’t keep planting them only to have them destroyed.

“Once I have the survey results I’ll put together the funding needed and we can finally install the shade that people dearly want along this beautiful section of the coast.,” Councillor Young said.