More help needed to find Sophie Collombet’s Brisbane park killer

DETECTIVES have spent the night at a South Brisbane park, where a French University student was killed a week ago.

Sophie Collombet’s body was found around 6am on Friday March 28, but she was last seen alive when leaving the Cultural Centre Bus Station at 8.47pm the night before.

Between six last night and six this morning, Detectives spoke with people who passed through Kurilpa Park in a bid to find the 21-year-old’s killer.


It comes amid revelations, Ms Collombet had declined a lift home from a classmate and the rain last Thursday would have driven away witnesses, impeded visibility and possibly drowned out any screams.

NineMSN also reports, police have not managed to find the clothes Ms Collombet was wearing – beige singlet top, dark denim jeans, black ankle boots – or her beige shoulder bag.

However, they have found a black umbrella in the river near the park’s rotunda, possibly the one she was carrying.

They also believe vital evidence from her bag, such as an iPad, BlackBerry phone and a purse, could still be found nearby.

Police are urging anyone who may have seen any of the items or have any information relating to the killing to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.