More Pfizer doses arrive in Aus, aged care staff and hotspots to be prioritised

A big boost for Australia’s vaccine rollout, with our supply of the Pfizer formula increasing to a million doses a week.

A new shipment arrived in the country overnight, and the weekly drop-offs are expected to continue for the next three weeks.

The doses will be distributed around the country, but it’s understood that hotspots will also be prioritised.


“We’re distributing the vaccines on a per capita basis so each of the states and territories will get their proportional share of the vaccines and then they’re administered through one of two ways,” Lieutenant General John James Frewen told the ABC this morning.

“Either through the Commonwealth GPs and distribution centres or through the state distribution hubs.

“What’s exciting about the million doses is that we’re also increasing the ways that the vaccines can be administered now.

“We’ve been bringing on additional GPs by the end of the month. We’ll have 1,300 GPs that can administer Pfizer.

“We’re on the verge of starting to bring in more pharmacists who can also administer AstraZeneca in the first instance, but then we will prepare them to be able to administer mRNA vaccines as well.

“But the combination of the additional supply and the additional distribution modes means that we’re hoping that we can really start to accelerate the rollout,” Lieutenant General said.

The government will also be focused on vaccinating aged care workers, which will be a mandatory requirement for the industry from September.

There are fears that they won’t be able to vaccinate everyone within just a month and a half, given that only 40 per cent of staff getting their first dose and just over 20 per cent fully vaccinated.

“The vaccine rollout needs to be prioritised on the most vulnerable,” Lieutenant General John James Frewen told the ABC.

“The over 70s cohort, the people in aged care. Frontline healthcare workers ads you were talking about.

“One area that we are really focused on right now is the aged care workers. They’re being given priority.

“They’re being given access to Pfizer so I encourage all aged care workers to get out and get vaccinated as quickly as they can,” Lieutenant General said.