More Police, ADF at checkpoints as border passes hit million mark

Extra Police and Defence Force personnel have been deployed to border checkpoints on the Gold Coast to help ease congestion.

It comes as motorists are urged to update their border declaration passes, after the Fairfield Council area of Sydney was added to the list of declared hotspots.

People coming from that area were barred from entering Queensland from 1am this morning.


Police have today been pulling over any vehicle with a border pass expiry date prior to August 1.

But Police say the delays have been manageable, only hitting a peak of around 30 minutes on the M1 this morning.

It’s also been revealed one million border declaration passes have now been issued since July 3.

“What that tells us is that a lot of people want to come into Queensland,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

“That million of course includes people who’ve gone on and renewed their passes and people who have gone on as those new hotspots have been declared.”

Police have turned around more than 650 people at border checkpoints on the Gold Coast since July 10 and a further 10 people at Gold Coast Airport.

“These are big numbers and it would only take one of those people to come in and be COVID-infected and there could be a consequence for the community, so it’s really important that we keep this effort up, in fact we have to heighten our vigilance.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this morning warned she would not hesitate to slam the border shut completely if the situation in other states continues to worsen

Chief Superintendent Wheeler says they’re prepared for whatever happens.

“We’ve been here since the 26th of March this year and we’ve had various iterations of border declarations and also hotspots being declared.

“We’re ready at a moments notice, so if that were to occur we’re absolutely ready to respond to that as soon as we can.”

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Police have also praised venues across the Gold Coast with inspections over the weekend finding a high level of compliance.

No fines were issued, however Police say they were working with several venues on a number of “technical issues.”

“Those inspections will continue and of course we ask venues to make sure they’ve got their COVID-safe plans in place and that patrons who are going their exercise that responsibility for social distancing.”