More red traffic lights to turn green for emergency vehicles

More Ambulances and Fire Trucks will be fitted with devices that change red traffic lights to green in emergencies, after a successful trial on the Gold Coast.

Travel times here were slashed by up to 26 per cent so now the technology will be rolled out across the state..

The congestion-busting technology will give priority to fire trucks and ambulances responding to emergencies.


Vehicles fitted with EVP are given the most direct route to their destination as soon as a job is logged.

The system provides a green traffic signal to approaching emergency vehicles when safe to do so.

Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey said “the technology has proven successful with EVP-equipped vehicles on the Gold Coast showing travel time reductions by up to 26 per cent”.

“On the Sunshine Coast, 19 intersections along Kawana Way have now been EVP enabled and will be operational before the new Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital opens in late 2016”.

Mr Bailey added that “this potentially life-saving technology is scheduled to be progressively released state wide over the next four years, starting in Toowoomba and Mackay next year”.

“Cairns, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Rockhampton and Gladstone are next in line as part of the Palaszczuk Government’s $13.5 million investment in this technology.”

Minister Bailey also said “this technology will significantly reduce potentially dangerous traffic situations and make for a safer drive for all road users.”

There are currently more than 800 intersections, 215 ambulances and 69 fire appliances equipped for EVP across the state.

The project also covers the fit out of an additional 692 emergency services vehicles.