More than 100 Sydney-siders busted trying to sneak into Qld

Queensland Police have already turned away more than 100 people caught trying to enter the Sunshine State from a declared COVID-19 hotspot.

It’s understood that since the border closure to Greater Sydney came into place yesterday, more than 57 cars containing 115 people have been sent packing.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told Nine it’s disappointing to see so many people already trying to break the rules.


“Concerningly overnight we saw a person come directly from Greater Sydney, she turned up at our checkpoint here on the Gold Coast Highway, had lied to us about where she had been and so our diligent police turned her around,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

The woman then attempted to try her luck for a second time, but couldn’t fool officers manning the border.

“She then attended the M1 checkpoint and attempted to gain entry there, and because she gave another attempt to come in and we knew where she had come from, she was given an infringement notice for $4003,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

It comes after concrete barriers were put up at Gold Coast checkpoints overnight, in a bid to deter people from the hotspots from entering the sunshine state.

Extra police officers have also been brought in to help man the borders.

Gold Coast police have issued a stern warning to anyone from the Greater Sydney area thinking they can cross the border without getting caught.

“The message is simply don’t do it… We have hard border infrastructure in place and three checkpoints on the Gold Coast,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

“So people who try and gain the system, we have Queensland police waiting for you with an unwanted Christmas gift of a $4003 fine that you won’t be able to return.”