More than 140 people turned around after Qld border shuts

Police have revealed more than 140 people have been left “very disappointed” after they were refused entry to the sunshine state following Queensland’s hard border closure.

The lockdown kicked in at at 1.00am, banning everyone from NSW, the ACT and Victoria from entering the state.

Tweed and Gold Coast residents can still move freely between the two cities, however they will need to have a special X-border pass, which locals can apply for online here.


Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told reporters on the Gold Coast on Saturday that 142 vehicles had already been refused since the border ban came into force.

He said 18 Queenslanders were among those, revealing they were particularly disappointed they had missed the deadline.

It means they will now need to fly home and quarantine at their own expense.

“The 142 people who were turned around were disappointed, and the 18 Queenslanders no doubt were extremely disappointed, because there’s going to be a considerable cost for them,” Chief Superintendant Wheeler said.

Not only when they fly back home, they also then need to go into quarantine at their own expense. So, it’s a very costly exercise.

“But there was significant warning put out during the week. So, it’s unfortunate, but this is all about stopping COVID-19 coming into Queensland.”

Chief Superintendent Wheeler revealed the new border system also caused some issues and delays for motorists, with the border community X-passes not available online until after the 1.00am border ban kicked in.

While everything is up and running smoothly now, he said unfortunately it was one of those things that was out of their control.

“I think people have gotta look at this in context… We’re in a pandemic. We are trying to keep COVID-19 out of Queensland,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“In an ideal world, all of the IT and all of the technology would have been done a long time before it, and with a significant lead-in time. But this is such a rapidly evolving situation.”

He again urged people to be patient, and said “police and our partner agencies will work with you, and we’ll come up with the right solution in the end.”

As of 12.30pm on Saturday, traffic was flowing pretty smoothly at all border checkpoints.

It comes as Queensland recorded no new cases of coronavirus today, marking the state’s sixth day in a row of being COVID-free.