Morrison preaches unity after party infighting

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged his party to band together after weeks of infighting resulting in poor polls.

At his first planned party meeting, the newly appointed PM told his party they have a “mountain to climb, together” if they wish to beat Labor at the next election.

He reiterated his vision for the country, one that delivers a strong econony, one that keeps all Australians safe and one that brings us all together.


“(Opposition Leader) Bill Shorten thinks he’s already there,” he said

“The Australian people are coming quickly to the realisation of what Shorten Government would look like and recoil.”

Labor is rollicking ahead, winning 40 consecutive Newspolls.

The opposition says this is due to the leadership turmoil and bullying allegations which have have plagued the Government in recent weeks.

Liberal Senator Lucy Gichuhi has spoken about the bullying and stand over tactics used by Liberal party members during the leadership spill.

However, today, she appears to be backing away from her threats to name and shame bullies within the party.