Most expensive petrol stations ‘named and shamed’

THE most expensive petrol stations in southeast Queensland found to be consistently ripping-off drivers at the bowser have been named and shamed by the state’s peak motoring body.

RACQ revealed Coles Express, Caltex and BP had the highest average unleaded fuel prices in June, according to price data for major retailers across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Bayside and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said some of the biggest companies were among the worst offenders.


“Coles Express tops the list for having the highest average prices last month, stinging motorists an average 146.8cpl, almost 3cpl more than Caltex, BP and Freedom,” Ms Smith said.

“Both 7-Eleven and Pacific Petroleum weren’t far behind, with average prices of 142.9cpl and 142.7cpl respectively.

“Often these bigger companies have the luxury of being located on major, high traffic roads where desperate drivers pull in and fill up because it’s convenient, even though cheaper fuel could be just around the corner.”

Ms Smith said some of the independent chains had offered bargain deals at the bowser throughout June and urged south-east Queensland drivers to reward those retailers with their business.

“Aggressive discounter, Metro, recently expanded into the State and is giving competitors a run for their money, selling unleaded up to 14cpl less than the most expensive,” she said.

“Surprisingly, supermarket giant Woolworths was perhaps the largest retailer offering prices at the cheaper end of the market.”

Ms Smith said Brisbane was entering the peak of the cycle and urged drivers to shop around rather than just filling up wherever was closest.

“20.9 percent of retailers in Brisbane are selling at the new high of 165.9cpl – but there’s still cheap fuel available,”Ms Smith said.

“Aim to buy for 128cpl or less.”

Source: Supplied / RACQ

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The Coles Express near me is so consistently more expensive than the Caltex 500 m away it’s a wonder why anybody ever goes there. Check the apps, peeps.

Think you have it bad up there, here in Adelaide we have On The Run BP servo’s that as soon as there maybe a whisper of oil going up between 2 and 15 cents a barrel it goes up at the pump by 40cents a litre and then Coles and Woolies follow within the hour of OTR ripping motorist off and if oil prices drop the fuel price doesn’t so they can rip as much money out of every motorist that buy’s their fuel, the worst thing about it is why are we going off Singapore fuel prices seeing we aren’t buying oil off them to refine, i think it’s time the Federal Government stepped up their game and put a stop to fuel spiking when they haven’t bought any oil at that price but at a lower price yet we are the ones to suffer because the Federal Government doesn’t want to do anything or drop their cut of 68% per litre to lets say 15% per litre which would then bring fuel prices down to around 70 cents per litre seeing oil prices today are at 57 USD a barrel but we have a greedy Government and Greedy Refineries who only care about how much money they can make off the public by ripping us off