Mother accused of newborn’s death denied bail

THE PARADISE Point mother accused of killing her newborn baby has been denied bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday.

The Court heard today Jodie Tarnawskyj  waited 17 hours after the baby died before calling an ambulance and reporting her child stillborn.

Paramedics arrived to find the dead infant wrapped in a towel and lying on a washing machine.


She was denied bail as they deemed her a flight risk.

The mother of two was arrested last week and charged with murdering her son on June 8.

The court was told Tarnawskyj had concealed her pregnancy from her partner and friends and tried to terminate the pregnancy twice.

Tarnawskyj called the ambulance service on a non-emergency line and said her 30-week-old baby had been stillborn 17 hours earlier.

However, medical evidence indicated the baby was 40 weeks old, full term  and breathing when born.

The pathologist’s report hasn’t been finalised but suggests the infant died shortly after birth.

No cause of death has been found, though the infant had bruising on his lips, internal neck bruising and indications of bleeding in the brain and swelling in the brain tissue, which could be a sign of oxygen deprivation, the court heard.