Mother bear hunted and killed in the US after biting a runner

A mother bear has been hunted down and killed in the US, after she attacked a marathon runner in northern New Mexico.

The large black bear was startled by the woman who accidentally ran between her and her three cubs.

The runner was bitten and scratched on her head, neck and upper body and briefly spent some time in hospital in Albuquerque before she was released.


Other joggers helped her until emergency crews arrived.

The animal will be tested for rabies.  Her three cubs are still being tracked down and if caught, will be handed to a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

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And another animal is destroyed because the runner wasn’t watching whete she was going.Who should have been put down?zNot the mother for protecting her cubs!

Guess you tweeting on her phone or posting to Facebook not looking where she was going…dreadful result

It seems that this is what is done in America, whether its a mother bear protecting her young, or a gorilla in an enclosure that gets invaded by a young child. Soot first, think [maybe] later.