Outrage as videos show mother feeding bongs to her child, ice to her pet cat

A WOMAN has been charged with supplying drugs to a child after a series of videos and photos surfaced online, showing her teaching and encouraging her 11-year-old son to smoke bongs at their home in South Australia.

Two short videos were uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday, one of which shows the woman teaching her son, believed to be 11-years-old at the time, how to smoke cannabis through a glass bong.

A second video, believed to have been filmed more recently when the boy was “barely 13”, shows the woman and a man laughing at and encouraging her seemingly stoned son after he spills an orange home made bong on her bed.


The boy’s mother, a 29-year-old woman from Whyalla, can be heard encouraging her child to smoke the drugs while she records him on her mobile phone.

“Alright, here we are recording (name withheld) having his very first bong,” the boy’s mother can be heard saying.

The woman could be heard encouraging her 11-year-old son as she filmed him smoke his “very first bong” (Facebook)

“Go for it son!” she adds, before telling him, “you’ve got to put your finger on the hole”.

As the child goes to hand the bong back to his mother after failing to finish it and breaking out into a coughing fit, she orders him to continue smoking it.

“Nah, smoke it all, you wanted a cone, you’ve got to have the whole lot,” she says.

In the second video, the woman appeared seemingly proud of her son’s efforts.

“(name withheld) is a stoner,” the woman exclaimed. “…yep, you can tell he’s my kid, hey.”

The boy was seen in a second video, handling a different bong while his mum and an unknown man watched on, laughing (Facebook)

The seemingly proud mother appeared pleased that her son was a “stoner” (Facebook)

The videos have since gone viral and caught the attention of police after a memory card from the woman’s phone fell into the hands of an outraged parent who then posted the confronting content online.

A collection of still photos were also posted, showing the boy smoking out of a purple plastic homemade bong, different to the first two.

These images were also accompanied by photos of what appears to be a pipe used to smoke meth (ice) being forced into the mount of a pet cat.

The boy also featured in a series of photos, smoking out of a purple bong (Facebook)

Photos of an ice pipe being forced into a pet cat’s mouth were also posted (Facebook)

The 29-year-old woman was interviewed by detectives on Wednesday and has since been charged with two counts of supplying controlled drugs to a child.

She was released on bail and is expected to appear in the Whyalla Magistrates Court in October.

Superintendent Andrew Thiele of South Australia Police said the case was extremely concerning.

“Cannabis use is not accepted or acceptable at any level by South Australia Police, particularly when it involves children,” he said.

“We would ask the community to bear in mind the clear correlation between drug misuse and the negative impact on community safety, increasing levels of crime and the health and well-being of individual community members.”

Child protection services have been notified and are investigating.