Mother confesses to killing teen accused of raping her 6-year-old daughter

A WOMAN has confessed to killing an 18-year-old boy accused of raping her six-year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu, 41, reportedly phoned police in Florida to confess to the July 2016 killing.

According to reports, Serbu told authorities that she and her brother John Vargas, 29, had confronted 18-year-old Xavier Sierra over the alleged rape, before shooting him dead.


Serbu told police she lured Sierra to her home by offering to pay him to build a bunk-bed but she and Vargas instead drove him to a remote wooded area in Naples.

According to Serbu’s own admission, Sierra reportedly jumped out of the car and tried running away but she and her brother chased him down and shot him six times with two different guns.

Police said Vargas was accidentally shot in the stomach during a struggle with Sierra. He too died at the scene.

According to the Naples Daily News, Serbu allegedly told her husband in May that she was “going to do something” about Sierra and that he would have to raise her children alone.

Serbu was arrested on Friday, August 25 and charged with second-degree murder.

She’ll face Collier County Court at a later date.

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