Mother forced 12yo daughter to have sex with nymphomaniac step-dad

Warning – Readers may find details in this article confronting.

A court has heard disturbing details about how a mother turned her 12-year-old daughter into a sex slave to meet the needs of her  ‘nymphomaniac’ stepfather, resulting in the birth of an intellectually disabled child.

According to The Herald Sun, the woman from Mildura, north of Melbourne, forced her daughter to have sex with her husband between 1969 to 1972 because she couldn’t satisfy him herself.


In Mildura County Court on Thursday, it was revealed the mother, now aged 80, often forced the young girl to go into a room where her husband would be waiting to have sex with her.

As a result of the abuse, an intellectually disabled boy was born and raised by the mother as her own.

In 2010, the traumatised woman, now aged 59, made a police report after undergoing 10 years of therapy.

Her step-father, now 79, was sentenced to a maximum four years behind bars in September.

The mother is yet to be sentenced.