Mother jailed over the death of Queensland toddler Mason Lee

The mother of Queensland toddler Mason Jet Lee has been jailed for nine years after pleading guilty to manslaughter and child cruelty.

But with time already served, she’ll be eligible for parole in just five months.

Anne Maree Lee admitted to failing to get medical care for her son after he suffered horrific injuries at the hands of her boyfriend at his home in Caboolture in June 2016.


The 22-month-old died five days after being hit in the stomach by William Andrew O’Sullivan, rupturing his small intestine.

He also suffered serious leg and anus injuries.

Lee had left Mason in O’Sullivan’s care after storming off following a fight.

The Brisbane Supreme Court also heard the toddler had traces of methamphetamine in his system.

Prosecutor Michael Byrne QC told the court that Mason’s injuries couldn’t have gone unnoticed and the action’s of Lee were “grossly negligent”.

Mr Byrne said Lee failed to remove Mason from O’Sullivan’s care even though she knew he was prone to violent outbursts.

In sentencing, Jean Dalton said Lee abandoned the care of her child and would have known her child was extremely sick.

After already serving more than two years jail, Lee will be eligible for parole in July this year.

O’Sullivan is already serving nine years behind bars after also pleading guilty to manslaughter last year.

He must serve at least six years before he is eligible for parole.

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Bogans being bogans with no true consequences……??‍♂️

Scum. Heartless cruel scum. So glad this piece of dirt has just had his skull caved in, in prison. More to come I hope. This story sickens me. Masons blood is on the governments hands too. More should have been done to protect this precious little boy. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

This kind of brutality continually goes on with children nd babies all over the world .unfit parents unstable people having children .drug addicts criminals nd alcoholics being in charge of rareing children . It’s wrong .people see this nd family members nd don’t report it a majority of the time . Nd then there’s dox who have careers of children that r the same . Half the time we don’t know half the stuff that goes on with abuse in the world until it comes out 20 yrs later .like the world is truly a sick f#cked up place to live .