Mother of Gold Coast DV victim says “thankyou” during vigil

More than 200 people have turned out to pay their respects to victims of domestic violence on the Gold Coast.

The candlelight vigil organised by White Ribbon was held at the Spit from 5:30pm on Sunday.

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Tara Brown was allegedly run off the road and fatally beaten at Molendinar last week, her mum attended the vigil but did her best to keep a low profile.

White Ribbon Ambassador Dean Gould said it was good to see Tara’s family in the crowd.

He said “it was a terrific event all up in terms of a show of solidarity and a show of community spirit and one of the really powerful things we had Tara Brown’s mother there and she kept a pretty low profile but she came up to one of our White Ribbon ambassador’s afterwards and said thankyou”.

“We made a lot of references to the two deaths in the past week or so but really is about the Gold Coast not being defined by what’s happened in the last couple of weeks and I’m certain that the families of Tara and Karina Lock don’t want their lives defined by what’s happened in the last couple of weeks either”.

Last night those attended paused for a minute to remember the victims.

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But Mr Gould said more importantly “we really felt this was a gathering of strength and a strength of the community to recover from these incidences and to show that young men and older men aren’t going to be defined by a couple of idiots who do the wrong thing”.