Mother walks free on good behaviour bond after bashing 8-month-old baby

A MOTHER who admitted to bashing her baby daughter before threatening to throw her battered body off a balcony won’t spend a night in jail because, according to a South Australian judge, her crime was “far from the most serious”.

Lorien Norman, 26, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after beating her eight-month-old daughter Evie with her hand and a large slotted cooking spoon at her Adelaide unit on October 1 last year.

The Adelaide District Court heard harrowing details of how Norman called police on the night of the assault and threatened to throw Evie off a balcony.


Officers raced to the address where they found Evie with serious injuries to her face, including significant bruising to her forehead, cheeks, ears, neck and arm, and a welt mark from a slotted cooking spoon across one of her cheeks.

The district court was told the baby’s mother had initially lied to police and tried covering up her crime by telling responding officers that her daughter had sustained her injuries in a fall at a playground.

Photos uploaded to Facebook sometime after the attack show the 32-week-old baby with a black eye, abrasions and a small cut on her face, and the welt mark from the slotted spoon on her cheek.

Eight-month-old Evie was left battered and bruised after the attack by her mother on October 1 last year PHOTO: Facebook

A paediatrician found Evie had been hit at least eight times in the face and body PHOTO: Facebook

In sentencing, Judge Jack Costello noted the 32-week-old baby’s injuries were likely to “completely resolve” PHOTO: Facebook

The officers conveyed both Norman and her daughter to the local hospital where a thorough physical examination confirmed Evie had been assaulted and hit in the face and body at least eight times.

In sentencing Norman in the Adelaide District Court last week, Judge Jack Costello noted the 26-year-old’s history of drug and alcohol abuse but said the now mother-of-two had started to turn her life around.

“In the DPP’s submission the injuries were caused by reason of a sustained and deliberate assault by you upon your daughter which involved multiple blows, at least one of which was with a slotted spoon to your daughter’s face and that this indicated more than a momentary loss of control on your part,” Costello said.

“Whilst any assault of a child, particularly one of such a tender age and vulnerability, by a parent stands as a gross breach of trust, your offending is nevertheless far from the most serious of offending of this type in terms of the degree of force involved and the duration of the offending.

“In this respect, I particularly note the opinion of the treating paediatrician to the effect that there was no evidence of bony or intracranial injury and that your daughter’s physical injuries were likely to completely resolve.”

Lorien Norman, 26, pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault in the Adelaide District Court last week PHOTO: Facebook

Despite her guilty plea, Norman walked free on a suspended sentence and a $500 two-year good behaviour bond PHOTO: Facebook

Norman was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison last Wednesday, but the term was fully suspended in return for her guilty plea.

She instead walked free from court on a $500 two-year good behaviour bond for an offence with usually carries a maximum jail term of 13 years.

In an interview with, Norman’s former partner Shane McMahon expressed his outrage at the district court’s decision and claimed Norman’s actions were fuelled by jealousy over his new relationship.

“Where is the justice for Evie, it’s absolutely disgraceful,” McMahan told Nine. “She has gone and bashed my child and threatened to kill her. It’s just gut wrenching.”

To read an extended version of Shane McMahon’s interview with 9News, click here.

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Disgusting sentence. The judge and mother should both be absolutely ashamed by their idiotic behaviour/justifications. I hope this child isn’t going to end up in a fatal predicament the next time this pathetic-excuse-for-a-mother decides to bash her again.

This is so wrong she should have been locked up and child given to a loveing family, this girl is not fit to be a mum and she will hurt this child agsin and the next time it will be fatal.

Manifestly inadequate sentence handed down by the judge, but don’t judge the judge, the revolving door judicial system dictates what the sentence is. This person should have been given a sentence that does not have a reduction for “good behaviour” and never be left in the care of children again. That poor child thankfully received non-life threatening injuries but that was more luck then good judgement by the mother. 15 years plus.

If that had been a woman who was bashed the man would have gone to jail end of story and yet a tiny innocent child can be assaulted by the one person who is supposed to protect it and walks free! That judge is a disgrace as is the mother. I only hope that the child is taken away from her!

Give her to me for half an hour and she will be sorry she ever raised a hand to an innocent child.
The Magistrate also should be struck off the Bar for utter incompetence and a lack of compassion for the innocent child in this case

Well let’s say if i did the same to her i wonder what would happen i can’t beleive this you really make me sick if you do not want to be a mother than give her up to someone who will love her unconditionally ❤ people like you make me sooooo angry there is women out there trying to have children and can’t than you get the low life whom have no care in the world all you want is the money grow up and take responsibilities like you di when you made her , i was a single mum and yes i had bad days but u just walk away ? i will take her off your hands ????❤❤❤

Disgusting low life! There will be blood on this judge’s hands if she does re-offend. One can only hope the poor baby has been removed from her ‘care’.

Now she will fight for visitation and most likely get it …… This is just far from wrong this judge needs to be sacked …. Why has this not been over turned by the government the ones that promised after Luke batty this would be jail and all this change again we were all s***ered and this poor child can’t stand up for herself and our system does this …. I’m done judges need to be fired on the spot in these cases there time is done

Female privledge 😛

unacceptable-no justice-poor little baby-she,s lucky to be alive!

And in how many weeks, months, years will we hear that this poor child has actually been murdered by this disgrace of a living being (clearly not human) further perpetuated by a gutless judge taken in by a young blonde – who is there to protect children when sentences like this are given – the DPP needs to appeal this – this is INSANE –

What an ugly person inside and out. Some people do not deserve to be parents. I hope the child is removed from her.

What on earth’s the matter with this judge? The verdict he gave down is absolutely disgraceful – the poor child is the one who has suffered, and the mother gets off with what is virtually a light sentence!
The judge should be at least remonstrated with, if not disbarred.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour & a totally inadequate sentence by the judge. Imagine the fear that baby must have felt at the time she was being assaulted. what sentence would the mother have expected if a trusted person had done that to her?

Sad how defenceless children are set upon by their parents, such brutality, I hope that baby did not go back to live with the mother, where is the justice for the baby.

What sort of message does this send to other would-be offenders? Defenceless innocent children are at extreme risk. How could she be allowed to remain with her mother? Wait until she actually HAS turned her life around, not ‘has started to.’ Anything could set her off. That poor damaged child will have no faith in our justice system.

Thats disgusting….the judge and that putrid women should be ashamed of themselves….I have two kids myself and to see this breaks my heart…. come on are you serious….really….. stick up for someone thats got a drug problem….we wont blame the person but we will use the excuse ohh she has drug n alcohol issues…who cares….clean yaself up instead of beating your kid up… stop being so vandictive….but then again how can you help someone when clearly their not helping themselves….some people dont deserve to have the pleasure of giving birth and being a mum…all you are is a monster!