Motor Racing champion’s son jailed for raping young girl

Gary Brabham has been jailed for raping an eight-year-old girl on the Gold Coast.

The 54-year-old was today sentenced to 18 months behind bars, suspended after six months.

Brabham was found guilty of rape and indecent treatment of a child by a jury last month.


Gary is the son of late motor racing champion Sir Jack Brabham.

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6 months! What an insult! This is absolutely disgusting ?


What is wrong with Queensland’s laws? A legal public protest can land you years in jail, but a man raping a child gets six months. Didn’t the judge understand that rape is akin to murder? When you are raped you die inside, it is with you your whole life, as a festering sore, the hurt will never go away. Can’t the parents of this poor abused child appeal? Can’t there be a huge outcry? This child is damaged physically, mentally and spiritually for the rest of her life.

He should get life the young girl did.

Sign the petition.

whats wrong with law this stinks is it because his dad was famous

What an absolute disgrace. He should be given a much sterner sentence….like 20 years.

whats wrong with the law this stinks is it because his dad was famous

Absolutely……. It’s not what you have done, it’s more like” oh goodness you’re from a famous family, just kick you in the a*** and send you home…. This little girl and her family have a life time of pain and suffering… And this thing gets to walk around…. disgraceful shame on the courts, and the magistrate shame

6 Months!!!! Investigate the judge too then!!!!


good on u Chris, totally agree !!!

Put those judges on trial as well! That sentence is a LAUGHING STOCK. Totally insults the community expectation & sentences the girl & her family to lifelong ridicule & contempt by the Judge & legal fraternity!! Where the hell is CURRENT AFFAIR when u need them??.Just because they r judges doesn’t excuse them from scrutiny & accountability. Can u imagine if this was a a ‘lesser’ person??

I can tell you where “A current affair” is……they are being good little puppets and doing and saying exactly as they are told. And Qld. Judges and politicians are doing the same…. Sadly, none of this is going to change until the individuals of this world actually elects to BE the change they want to see in the world….this is happening……..slowly

How does money buy the justice system. Let’s think for one minute if it was his daughter would the sentence be same disgusting human being

What an absolute joke, the girl has to live with the trauma for the rest of her life.
I hope he does not get segregated from the general population in jail and fully gets what he deserves.

Is it really a justice system. Justice being served . Sounds like the middle east not Australia.

Not his first time behind bars for the same thing. !!!!!!!!!

As Chris says investigate the judge for giving such a lenient sentence and his length of time should be increased.

I hope an appeal has been lodged, along with an investigation into this judge! Wonder how much the bribe is to rape a little girl and basically walk away free?? Guess money can buy you anything.. Even a little girls innocence!

This is absolutely bloody disgusting. …..what a absolute shame no we shouldn’t put up with this type of injustice. Christ i just can not believe i just read this mind blowing crap.

Are you kidding me…..really … stupid do you think we are…!!

This is not even surprising. It is all about the offender not the victim. What a repulsive conviction. The Brabham family and the legal system should hang their heads in shame. No doubt he when released his family will keep him protected.

That is a big joke.
Whats wrong with the courts these days. That right he is a celebrities family member so he gets off lightly.

That is a crime the Judge should not be a judge!

An 8 year olds life is turned upside down and he gets off. Poor little baby, the perpetrator shiuld get at least 15 years for taking her innocence away. No parole No bail …..

6 months is absolutely ridiculous that poor little girl

That is disgusting the child has a life sentence and he gets 6 months..wrong on all levels!

Why isn’t life? That poor girl

This is not justice , has this judge been paid off? Questions need to be answered , lock him up and throw away the key

Is it any wonder that crime is on the increase when punishment is virtually non-existent?
When is common sense going to prevail?

I can imagine not a single mitigating factor that would warrant such a ridiculously lenient sentence. This case must be scrutinised with a view to being retried, and if possible the judge should be recused from any further cases of s**ual abuse.

I would bet that Jack Brabham would be as disgusted as the rest of us . And what of Australian law —becoming a sick joke.

Another abuse for the victim who will carry the message that what happened to her is of little significance. More suffering for the rest of her life

So what if he the son of someone vreat. He is a pedophile and the law states a mandatory prision time of 5 years. Its obvious the judge is on the take and should be investigated. A letter is on the way to the Qld Attorney Genefral office.

I don’t care who you are. That act deserves LIFE

Insult insult insult, the judge should be made accountable . What if the victim was his own daughter? Come on even a layman know this is a joke. How is the eight year old going to recover? What mentàl damage has this caused her…. would she be scared for life?

An absolute disgrace! What happened to Truth in Sentencing? Who remembers the case of an aboriginal boy of 15 being sent to jail for a year for stealing a packet of biscuits. He committed suicide.

How can this be explained to that young child in years to come? Are we next to be told
she asked for it? If this is, in fact, our law, I’m ashamed. Is the judge’s rationale available to
us? This sounds chauvinistic, twisted and just plain WRONG’

Disgusting!!! What about the poor girl and her family ? A lifetime of pain and suffering for them, QLD justice system you are a joke!

For the sake of this very young child and all other little children who are daily suffering this sort of hidden abuse -and we all know it has been occurring for a long, long time – this insulting sentence must be reviewed immediately.
Brabham is a disgusting dirty old man. He won’t change. Too many men like him escape detection. This is not justice. It provokes OUTRAGE.

only got 6 months cause of white privilege lmao

red neck laws always make me laugh

This sentence does not fit the crime. Rape of a child is a very serious offence not to be treated lightly no matter who the perpetrator might be.

I have idolised Sir Jack Brabham for most of my life, but that does not extend to his obviously pederast son.
Raping a child is never acceptable, and the offender should expect the maximum sentence.
But 6 months!!
That is worse than the initial rape. To be raped by the so called justice system would have to be the ultimate insult after the injury the poor child received. Must it be left to us in the community who actually care about children to sort this … or will justice be finally served by those to whom we pay to serve it? It is now time to prove you are not a paedophile yourself. It is now time to act in the interests of Justice. It is now time to make this appalling situation right.

What a sad disgusting state of affairs! This child will NEVER be the same again and this grown man will walk free, to likely repete in just 6 months. Where is the justice in this sentence? Where is the justice for the sorry excuse of a judge that provided this pathetic sentence? Is it any wonder child s** offenses are so prevalent in our country?! I am disgusted and appalled at this gross injustice! Shame on our system, legislation and lack of protection to our most vulnerable in the community. Is it any wonder people take the law into their own hands when these types of crimes happen.. I think not if this is the miserable excuse for justice that we have to accept! I hope millions of people sign this petition!!!!

We can be full of critcism here, but do we know details of the case like the judge did ? Surely there is a legal explanation for such a lenient sentence.
How can we learn all the fact and how the judge came to his conclusion? Only then I will comment on the sentence. What happens here is ignorant yelling.

Forget the current sentence laws. Both of them, put behind bars and never released. These kind of offenders generally recommit as soon as they are released. They should be made to rot. That little girls right to be a child has been taken away, there rights need to be removed as well.

If you feel strongly enough sign the petition at

Words fail me….

not the first time hes been done for child s** offences…look him up on wikipedia….”It has subsequently been revealed that in 2009 he pleaded guilty to charges of indecent dealing of a child under 12 years. Brabham managed to have his name suppressed as he served out his time in high security at Wacol jail.[8]”