Motorists queue for Australia’s cheapest fuel

MORE than 1000 drivers queued through several Southport streets for hours on Tuesday to get their hands on Australia’s cheapest fuel, selling for just 60c a litre.

Freedom Fuels on Smith Street slashed their fuel prices by one dollar to celebrate the global launch of the new Go2 Rewards App.

Hundreds of cars lined the streets around the service station where, for the first time since the late 1980s, motorists were able to fill up for just .60 cents a litre, .5 cents cheaper again for diesel.



IMAGE: Jaydan Duck SOURCE: myGC

But the heavily discounted offer was only available for two hours, ending at 2.30pm with dozens of cars still in line missing out.

There are reports two motorists brawled when one of them tried to jump the queue, while others argued during the desperate wait.

Although drivers started to gather outside around 8am, the impact to traffic on Smith Street was kept to a minimum with motorists forced to queue through windy side streets.


IMAGE: Jaydan Duck SOURCE: myGC

One Gold Coast mother of four who normally spends between $150-$200 a week on fuel was one of the first in line.

“I’ve been here since 8.30am, and with four kids and one income, we really need to save money on fuel – its our biggest expense after housing,” she said.

The offer attracted residents from all corners of the Gold Coast and vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including a stretch hummer.


IMAGE: Jaydan Duck SOURCE: myGC

Gold Coasters were the first to receive the bonanza at the bowser before the Go2 Rewards scheme is rolled out across Australia and the United States.

Motorists can continue receiving mammoth fuel discounts at any service station by simply joining Go2 Rewards and uploading their shopping receipts from partnered businesses.

Receipts from fuel purchases must then be uploaded to the App for the savings to be reimbursed through the customers secure PayPal account.

For full details on the revolutionary new savings scheme go to


IMAGE: Jaydan Duck SOURCE: myGC