Motorists urged to be extra careful on the roads today – here’s why

If you’re travelling on the road today, be aware… data has revealed Friday the 18th is the most dangerous day of the year to be behind the wheel.

RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said more than 72,000 RACQ insurance car crashes over a three-year period were analysed and found the last day of the working week was the riskiest in Queensland.

“It’s the perfect storm. Our claims data found Friday is the most common day of the week to have a crash and the 18th is the most common day of the month for collisions,” Ms Clinton said.


“We should be driving to the conditions every day of the week but we’re appealing for all motorists to take extra care today.

“In particular, if you’re doing the school pick-up this afternoon be on high alert, with 3pm–4pm the most likely time to have a crash.”

Ms Clinton said Sunday was the day of the week motorists were least likely to crash.

“The old adage about Sunday drivers could be true,” she said.

“It may be due to the fact there are less people on the road, or perhaps we’re all more patient on a Sunday, regardless we need to replicate those behaviours every day of the week.”

Number of car crashes by day of the week (1 January 2015–28 February 2018):

  1. Friday – 10,804 crashes
  2. Thursday – 10,605 crashes
  3. Wednesday – 10,508 crashes
  4. Tuesday – 10,418 crashes
  5. Monday – 10,341 crashes
  6. Saturday – 9,929 crashes
  7. Sunday – 9,887 crashes.