Motorists urged to take care on roads in wet weather

WITH heavy rain predicted to fall, police are urging motorists to take extra care on our roads.

Acting Assistant Commissioner David Driver said that with what have been perfect driving conditions for some weeks, current rainfall will make roads slippery and unpredictable for all road users.

“Drivers, motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians alike need to be aware of the conditions and act accordingly.”


“Drivers should reduce speed, and leave extra distance between them and the vehicle in front in case of the need for emergency braking.”

“Motorcycle riders need to think twice before beginning a ride, particularly in heavy rain fall.”

“Cyclists and pedestrians alike need to consider other road users, ride in safe areas, and wear bright clothing, crossing only at traffic control points or only when safe to do so.”

Most importantly, police urge road users to;

– Drive or ride with your lights on in heavy rain, use your demister to un-fog your windows to ensure you can see the road, replace worn windscreen wipers, and;

– Leave a 3 second gap in normal conditions, or double that in the rain

– “if it’s flooded, forget it” – do not cross flooded causeways

– If you feel unsafe in heavy rain, pull over where safe to do so and wait for the wet weather to pass

– Be aware that roads may become unstable in heavy rain

“Those that continue to speed, drink or drug drive, not wear a seat belt or proper helmet, are fatigued or distracted by a mobile phone are the ones that will be a greatest risk during this current wet weather period.” Acting Assistant Commissioner Driver said