Motorists warned after 4 cars stolen from Coolangatta this week

Coolangatta police are urging motorists to be mindful of securing their vehicles after four vehicles were stolen this week around the Snapper Rocks and Rainbow Bay areas.

There has been one vehicle stolen from public areas every day this week and in each incident the vehicle was locked but the key was hidden in some manner on the vehicle.

Acting Officer in Charge of Coolangatta Station, Senior Sergeant Meg McArthur said that thieves are opportunistic and will aim for easy targets.


“Coolangatta attracts a lot of surfers who often lock their vehicles then slip their car keys under a wheel arch because they can’t carry a key on their person. The thefts we’ve seen this week prove that this is not a good practise to employ.”

“People need to ensure their vehicles are secure and that keys are not left in obvious hiding spots.” Senior Sergeant McArthur said.

Two of the four vehicles reported stolen have been recovered after being dumped on local streets.

Police investigations are continuing.