Motorists warned to fill up NOW ahead of long weekend price hikes

Gold Coast motorists are being warned to fill up the tank now or regret it, with prices set to spike for the long weekend.

Unleaded fuel is currently sitting at around a $1.05, with some stations in Southport and Labrador selling for around $102.9.

But those prices are expected to shoot up in time for the long weekend, with concerns some stations could spike up 30 cents a litre.


Abigail Kosch from Compare the Market told Sunrise this morning there’s been big jumps in prices in the states that are allowed to travel.

“We’ve got a long weekend coming up there’s lots of schools on holidays as well.

“People who are allowed to travel are itching to get out and about so expect some pretty heavy traffic this weekend.

“We’re seeing huge disparities in the least and most expensive prices, which is why it’s so important to shop around.

“Pretty much for all states apart from South Australia, you want to try and grab the best deal at the bowser now because prices are about to head up,” Ms Kosch said.