Motorsport champ kicked out of Qld after returning from Bathurst on freight pass

Gold Coast Supercars champion Jamie Whincup has reportedly been caught up in a border blunder, and has been evicted from Queensland.

Fresh off the Bathurst track in New South Wales, Newscorp reports that Whincup and six teammates travelled back into Queensland under a freight pass.

Whincup drove one of the team’s semi-trailers and was allowed back into the state late last week, before detectives showed up to the team’s warehouse and reportedly told them to either leave or enter hotel quarantine for two weeks.


The team, including Whincup, have since returned to New South Wales, maintaining they played by the rules the whole time.

“It was a bit of… the election is coming up, we don’t need any drama so get out of Queesnland,” Whincup told The Courier Mail.

It comes as the Queensland Premier promises to make a decision on the NSW border closure in time for the election.

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Yep the car racing is over for the year so no money coming in, so get out.

Bit of a weird one – seeing that they were with the team all the time whist in Bathurst – no public access at any time.

This is all part of the border nonsense by this government, which will pull the pin on the border restrictions next weekend and again punish people for not having the virus.

Really. Why does Jamie think he is above the law. Question is… Does he drive that semi on a regular basis? If so, maybe he has a claim. Even the NSW government put out an alert to everyone who attended or was involved on Bathurst. Grrrrr….. And then to do a side swip and make it political… It’s Qld safety you’re compromising.

So the 300,000 odd people that have entered the state over the last few months are all clear!
Really best you stay home and don’t risk catching anything from local stores and shopping center’s.