Mouse found eating biscuits in Woolworths’ bakery cabinet

It seems even mice think Woolworths’ triple choc cookies are delicious.

Shoppers eager to purchase some of the sweet treats over the weekend were shocked to discover a furry friend chowing down on the cookies inside the bakery cabinet at Woolworths’ Port Lincoln store.

Mickey Young, who was alerted by another customer that there was a mouse on the loose in the bakery section, quickly grabbed his phone and started filming the scene.


He also alerted staff of the unhygienic scene. “They went and got everything out of the cabinet and put some signs up saying it was out of order,” he told Seven News.

Woolworths have reportedly launched an investigation and called in exterminators. “We’re very concerned about this and take incidents like this very seriously. For your awareness this has been escalated for immediate investigation,” Woolworths wrote on Facebook.