Move along trick or treaters, nobody home here

I’M resigned to the fact that Halloween isn’t going away but I’m digging my heels in when it comes to supporting it.

It seems like the whole Gold Coast has gone Halloween crazy though so maybe I’m alone. Between store displays, props and lollies to buy and special events all over town, this Friday night is shaping up to be a big one.

At least this year I’m prepared.


After being completely blind sighted by trick-or-treaters knocking on my door back in 2010, in 2011 I put a sign in my front yard saying, “No trick or treaters please” – and then spent the best part of the evening in my house, with the lights off, peaking through the curtains.

I felt decidedly Scrooge-like so in 2012 I went for the ignorance-is-bliss approach and made sure I was out for the evening.

Last year, I was in a mummy daze with a new baby. It wasn’t until the fifth back-to-back Halloween special aired on ABC 4 Kids that it dawned on me and I called the husband in a panic to pick up some lollies on his way home from work.

Ever-reliable hubby turned up just as the first toddling trick-or-treaters arrived. He whipped out his bag of home brand lollies and dropped one into each of their heavily laden bags. They weren’t impressed.

Unwilling to fork out for proper lollies and unable to bear the disappointed ghosts and princesses, we are opting to go out again this year.

The thing is I don’t support Halloween. I don’t like the meaning behind it, I don’t want Australia to become any more Americanised and I really don’t want to feed our childhood obesity problem.

The part I hate the most though is that Halloween comes to me regardless of my stance – you seriously have to go out of your way to be a silent protestor at Halloween.

All the kids tell me it is just about dressing up and getting lollies. I get the fun factor in that but I wish there was an alternative to trick-or-treating at least for those who don’t want in.

Movie World had the right idea with their hugely successful Fright Nights and Palm Beach Aquatic Centre is also on the money. They are hosting a Halloween party for kids on their premises. Kids can dress up, have their fun, and eat their weight in sugar with like-minded families and who am I to judge.

At least they stay off the streets – and out of my home!

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