Movie Review | Top End Wedding is a marriage made in heaven

I’ll confess right now: I love Aussie cinema.

Not so much the gritty horror stuff, like Wolf Creek and Snow Town (both great, but just not my cuppa tea), but the ones that make you really love our culture. Yes, I said it. We have a culture.

Whether it be road-tripping the outback in drag (Priscilla), pretending you’re life’s as good as an ABBA song (Muriel’s), knowing Jenny Jenny from Microwave Jenny (The Castle), or singing for our troops in Vietnam (The Sapphires), Australians are brilliant at telling a story that radiates heartfelt warmth, while leaving the audience feeling uplifted.


Top End Wedding is no different, and I feel honoured that star and co-writer, Miranda Tapsell, has shared it with us.

The two-time Logie winner wanted to show off her heritage and the stunning top end of Australia, where she grew up.

The film begins in Adelaide where Tapsell’s character, Lauren, gets a promotion and engaged on the same day.

Determined to be wed in the place where she grew up, Lauren and her fiance, Ned (played by Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Gwilyn Lee) fly north to Darwin, only to be informed her mother has gone AWOL.

Thus begins their quest to find her mother (played superbly by Ursula Yovich) and in-turn trek across Darwin, The Kimberly, Katherine and Tiwi Islands.

You can tell Tapsell (Love Child, The Sapphires) has poured her heart and soul into this project.

It has all the key ingredients of a romantic comedy: a fiance with a secret, fabulous gal pals, unhinged parents and an unlikely romantic setting.

The film unashamedly weaves in Indigenous lingo and music, while showcasing how the current generation is embracing their heritage.

You also can’t help but smile as elders sing, dance and celebrate the beautiful union.

You’re bound to enjoy some laugh out loud moments, and feel a little choked up at times throughout Top End Wedding.

Top End Wedding is in cinemas from Thursday, May 2.