How much does the Met Gala actually cost to attend?

If you have an Instagram account and you use it in the manner it was intended – to stalk celebrities in their natural habitat – then for the last few days you’ve been up to your eyeballs in Met Gala Drama.

Drama of the fashion kind, that is.

The Met Gala is a glam celebrity event that anybody who’s Anybody scrambles to get an invitation to. And let’s be clear: you must be invited to attend. The event is chaired by Anna Wintour and only 600 powerbrokers in the fashion industry are extended an invitation each year.


Once you’re invited, what’s the cost to accept? A cool $30,000. Per ticket.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Do the maths and that amounts to a whopping $18 million raised in one single night (the event is always sponsored, so all ticket proceeds go towards the charity).

It seems like an outrageous amount of money to pay, simply to attend a party. A fancy highbrow fashion party like no other, but still – a party nonetheless. One ticket costs more than most people’s weddings.

On the other hand: Imagine all the mouths that can be fed with that kind of cash injection!

The people who can be helped!

The lives that can be saved!

Or the… costumes that can be made?

Turns out the Met Gala is a fundraiser for the Met museum’s Costume Institute. It’s an opportunity for celebrities to outshine each other with their most daring outfits imaginable, so I guess it makes sense that it raises funds for a fashion-related reason.

But still: it’s hard to digest that children are dying of hunger (there are three major famine’s underway right now, in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) and instead of fundraising for them, we’re fundraising for fashion.

It would be great if we could feast our eyes on celebs at this coveted gala event, knowing that it would result in kids feasting on actual food, too.

Just goes to show that as a society, we sometimes have our priorities all screwed up. After all, when a celebrity confesses to having over 10,000 pairs of shoes (so many she needs an actual warehouse to hold them!) it reveals that some people have more money than sense!