“Mud Army” volunteers praised for assisting in cyclone, flood clean-up

QUEENSLAND’S “Mud Army” volunteers have been praised for helping flood and cyclone ravaged communities get back on their feet.

Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Grace Grace met with volunteers in Logan today who are now covered by WorkCover Queensland if they’re injured while helping out with the recovery effort.

“We’ve arranged this coverage for any volunteer registered with a Queensland Government rescue relief operation,” Ms Grace said


“Providing this coverage is the least we can do for these volunteers who are selflessly sacrificing their own time to help fellow Queenslanders in need.

“We’ve all been shocked by the devastation caused by the floods, just as we’ve been inspired by the response of the Mud Army.

“We want to encourage more people to volunteer, but we also want to remind them to stay safe while out in the field.

“Make sure you wear personal protective equipment such as chemical resistant gloves, protective eyewear, closed footwear and long sleeved shirts and pants to minimise exposure to skin.”

Ms Grace said the cover is for statutory benefits only, with benefits paid by WorkCover governed by legislation and dependent on the volunteer’s individual employment situation.

“Anyone volunteering through a third party operating on behalf of the government is also covered by the policy,” she said.

“The policy will run for an initial period of three months and after that we’ll look at a possible extension, depending on how the recovery is going.”