Multiple back burning projects shroud Gold Coast in smoke

That smoke haze will hang around the Gold Coast again today, with several back burning projects underway.

Hazard reduction burns will be carried out in Wongawallan, Advancetown and Nerang State Forest.

While another burn will begin in the Binna Burra area of the Lamington National Park.


With multiple projects underway, the Gold Coast is in for another smokey winter’s day.

Residents are being urged not to be alarmed by the smoke haze or smell, and can close their windows and doors to minimise impacts.

Those with breathing difficulties are being reminded to keep breathing medication nearby.

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keep breathing medication nearby? wankers!! how about you stop the back burning!!!!

This so called back burning is a useless part of forest management… Perpetrated by pyromaniacs. They need to look at the disasters caused in Victoria by back burning. It’ll happen here if this continues. It’s ruining holidays for folks on the gold coast. Who have paid good money to be here. The health hazard it causes is terrible and the benefits are zero. Research the facts who ever is responsible.