Mum, boyfriend charged after toddler burned to death in oven

A mother and her boyfriend have been charged after her 19-month-old daughter burned to death after being put inside an oven by two of her older twin siblings.

Racqual Thompson and Cornell Malone were arrested in Texas on Tuesday and each charged with four counts of endangering a child.

J’Zyra Thompson was found with horrific burns after she was allegedly placed inside an oven by one of her three-year-old siblings, while the other three-year-old made it hot.


Court records state the toddler was kicking the oven door while inside, causing it to tip over with the door face down on the floor.

Ms Thompson and her boyfriend allegedly left the kids at home alone while they went to get pizza and a prescription at the drug store.

Thompson is currently eight-and-a-half months pregnant. Both are set to appear in court on Monday.

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Do not label this woman as a mother because she is not a MOTHER!!
A mother don’t leave her children unattended to go feed her face or what ever it is a mother is a protector and role model, a guidance that ypu follow and look up to.
These children are now going to have to live with this guilt for the rest if there lives all because there so called mother could handle her mothering responsible and left her baby to be hurt even more killed.
That these children would of just thought was a game that has turned into a nightmare and sister less, I’m discussed and sadden as I have children this age.
There is no way in the world I could leave them or not want to take them where I go as they need me I keep them safe and protected.
RIP little princess your in God’s hands now no one can hurt you fly high xox

Ps child services better take that next children and the ones she has left.