Mum donates 30l of breastmilk to those in need in flood ravaged Texas

When American mum-of-three Danielle Palmer was filling up her freezer with bottles of expressed breast milk, she never envisaged where it would end up.

The almost 30-litres she pumped during the first year of her youngest son’s life is now being handed out to mums in need in Texas.

Ms Palmer said she felt helpless while watching news stories of the recent devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which caused major flash flooding through the US state.


“I can’t imagine being in a situation where you’re losing everything and just the fear of all of that,” Ms Palmer told US broadcaster News 4.

“All I could do was sit and pray for the mums and dads and kids.”

But, the Missouri local came up with a very unique way to help.

She loaded the armfuls of bottles into a cooler and sent it to those in need – families whose power went out or who may have lost their pumps or even found themselves unable to stock formula.

How is it Ms Palmer came to have such a huge stockpile? It turns out her youngest son, Truett, has a congenital heart defect along with other underlying anomalies.

“For a big chunk of his life, he was unable to take my milk. Most of his nutrition came through IV,” she explains.

Now, thanks to her amazing selfless act, hopefully every last drop will be used.