Mum’s pregnant selfie reveals a little extra

Kids: you can always rely on them to disrupt your selfie game!

It’s a lesson that 28-year-old pregnant mum Georgia Shortall learned recently, when her toddler son photo-bombed her selfie in the most hilarious of ways.


“I was on the phone to my mate Toni, took the picture, looked at it and sent it,” Georgia shares.

“She looked while on the phone and was laughing asking what I was trying to show her.”

The photo went hilariously viral, and along the way, it stirred up some conversations around bump shots. A friend of mine, for instance, mentioned that she doesn’t “get” bump shots.

“Especially the risqué ones, where the mum is wearing only a pair of knickers, alongside carefully placed hands and fingers at chest-height,” she said. “What’s the point? Everyone is so starved of attention these days…”

It is a complex topic, and the more the two of us debated, the more complex it became. It’s not something that can be answered with blanket assumptions or sweeping statements, because there is so much that goes into a person’s response to an image on social media.

Seeing a bump shot, whether the person is near-naked or not, can prompt the viewer to…

Crave pregnancy; miss their baby; grieve; feel bitter that they are not pregnant; wish they had enjoyed their pregnancy more; miss their mum; miss being pregnant; regret being pregnant; feel sad about fertility struggles; lament that their baby-making days are over; wish they had looked better when they were pregnant; and so much more.

It is so very complex. Which is why usually, an individual’s reaction to an image on social media has everything to do with them and where they are in life, and very little to do with the person who posted the image.

Even Kim Kardashian isn’t immune; she’s revealed (via her paid subscription website, of course!) that she expected her pregnancies to be all about cute bump shots and shiny hair, like she saw on social media. “I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it,” she confessed of her second pregnancy, with son Saint. “I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel sexy, either – I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

That might just be the only baby-related experience that us mere mortals have in common with Kim Kardashian. After all, she reportedly spent over half-a-million bucks kitting out her latest baby’s nursery – so that’s where the shared experience ends!