Murdered mother victim of $90K fraud after her death

Murdered mother victim of $90K fraud after her death

POLICE have revealed somebody, possibly a killer, assumed the identity of murdered mother Karlie Pearce-Stevenson for years after her gruesome death.

It’s understood her identity, bank account and mobile phone were used for years after her death to mislead family and defraud social services.

Almost $100,000 was spent or withdrawn from Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s bank account between November 2008 and March 2012.


Police said texts were also sent from Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s mobile phone to family members, claiming the mother was alive and needed money.

A woman impersonated the young mother at a Centrelink interview in Adelaide in 2010.

At least one of the people involved in the fraud is believed to be responsible for the murders, with two female suspects and one male in the police sights.

Police revealed the major breakthrough on Tuesday and say they will continue their hunt for those who murdered the 20-year-old mother and her daughter Khandalyce.

Ms Pearce-Stevenson’s body was discovered in the Belanglo State Forest in NSW in 2010 and Khandalyce’s remains were found near a suitcase beside a South Australian highway five years later.

It is believed the mother and daughter were killed in December 2008 but at different times and in different locations.