Muslim leader invites the PM to the Gold Coast after Sydney shooting

A Gold Coast Muslim leader has condemned the shooting of a police staffer in Sydney and is calling for the Prime Minister to travel here for talks.

Curtis Cheng was shot dead outside police headquarters at Parramatta a week ago.

President of the Gold Coast Islamic Society Hussin Goss said on Friday that it is “disappointing that a boy of 15 has done what he’s done” adding it is “totally against Islam to take a life”.


“We feel 100 per cent sympathy for the family, you know, he’s taken an innocent life which is so sad and Islam doesn’t call for this sort of thing”.

Mr Goss said he had spoken with other Muslim leaders in Sydney over the last few days.  He said “they are trying and these things come out of the blue sometimes and even the police didn’t even know”.

Former One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson spoke to Channel Seven on Friday, paraphrasing from the Koran she said the words “to kill the non-believers” before adding “that’s what’s being taught to these kids”.

“You do say that there are good Muslims out there but people are in fear, who’s the good one, who’s not the good one”.

She went on to say that “the tentacles are spreading, let’s cut off the tentacles so they don’t spread anymore”.

Ms Hanson then went on to comment on Sydney’s intake of another 7,000 Syrian refugees questioning “where’s Malcolm Turnbull, in his $50 million dollar house, he’s not living in the western suburbs”.

She thinks refugees should be spread around New South Wales a bit more, rather than being concentrated in western Sydney.

Mr Goss reacted angrily saying “Pauline Hanson needs to get a life” then “she’s bagging any ethnic organisation including Muslims here she thinks that she’s doing the right thing, she is disturbing Australia”.

He went on to say that she is “disturbing the cohesion that’s happened over the last 130, 140 years”.

“She has come along and she is grandstanding on the Muslims at the moment in 2015, she should really get mixed up with the Muslim community, see how they eat, breath and sleep and understand what’s in their mind”.

Mr Goss has called for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to meet with him and colleagues on the Gold Coast so they can tell him about their Youth Program.

He said they had received some support from their local Federal MP, who labelled the scheme a “great project which is needed”.

So the Gold Coast Islamic Society applied for Federal funding but their application was not successful.

He said they need about $3 million to make it all come together, so they are desperate for State and Federal cash injections.

“I know with the leadership that we’re having at the Gold Coast Mosque that we can achieve the result that we’re not achieving anywhere in Australia”.

Mr Goss added that “as a community leader and what we’re doing on the Gold Coast is we have Youth Programs and working with the Imam of course and through the Islamic community we’re doing our utmost to keep our youth on (sic) the right frame of mind and do the right thing”.

An International Food Festival has been brought forward and will be held at the Arundel Mosque on October 18.